The Start of a New Beginning

When facing reality it sometimes can be scary, nerve-racking , or even exciting, but in all we have to create new chapters in our lives. Tomorrow I will embark on a  new beginning, as I leave my home in America, and travel to what will be my home for the next 65 days. Yet even though I am scared and a little stressed, I know that I can leave behind everything so I can experience anything. I’m ready. Good bye America and ni hao China 😀


9 thoughts on “The Start of a New Beginning”

  1. Hi Kaylee!!! I’m so glad you’re having fun I miss you a ton and have so much to tell you!! I hope your tooth feels better and be safe! I love you so much!!

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  2. Kaylee,

    Just by reading your log and looking at the pictures, I feel like I know more about China already. So happy you get to share your talents with young students and at the same time, enrich your life with this wonderful experience, I’m sure it will make a difference in your professional and personal life. Keep enjoying China!

    Un abrazo,
    Sra. Alba

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